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Voices from Below

Voices from Below Cover
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When Halia and Xarun hear cries for help coming from their recently deceased friend, they must find a way to open a portal to the netherworld and send aid.

Minaras, a master elementalist, was killed in battle against a half-dragon, but his voice keeps Halia awake at night.

At first she thinks it must be a hallucination, but when Xarun hears the pleas as well, they embark on a quest to assist their friend in the netherworld. Along the way, they enlist the aid of a necromancer whom Halia and her companions had seemingly murdered during a graveyard raid.

Meanwhile, Inar, whose brother was killed by the necromancer, will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

Voices from Below is Book Seven in Legends of the Four Races, a series of nine high fantasy novels that form an Interlocking Matrix of six separate trilogies. Voices from Below may be read on its own, as the first book of The Netherworld Trilogy, or as the third book of The Betrayal Trilogy.

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