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The Necromancer Trilogy

Shadow from the Past Cover
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Mysterious fires fan an ancient grudge between the Arboreals and the Ferfolk, pushing lifelong enemies toward a devastating war. Two young strangers must overcome their mistrust of each other and uncover the real force intending to ravage the land.
Lyche Cover
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An evil spirit, trapped within a volcano for centuries, escapes its fiery prison with a vow to destroy all life. When no one else believes such devastation is possible, a young wizard and his companions are forced to oppose the powerful creature on their own.
The Black Flood Cover
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With dead bodies returning to life and demons roaming the land, Chara and Tyraz wonder what has happened to their friend, Jarlen, the only living necromancer. Not only might he be the one who can return the world to normal, but he might also be the one responsible for the problems.